Swoon Worthy Wood Flooring!

What's the number one finish that BUYERS LOOK FOR in a new home?!

You guessed it! Hardwood flooring!! 
Good  quality hardwood it a huge selling point for a house. It appeals to buyers  for so many reasons! Not only is the look visually appealing, but it is also durable, feels amazing under your feet, brings warmth to the home, and is easy to clean. There are so many options out there with wood flooring- from the species, the stain, the thickness, the width, and the pattern in which you install! One of my current favorite species is a white oak! It has light uniform gaining and minimal variation for a cleaner more classic look without the red tones!

One of the biggest factors in selecting flooring is stain color. Every manufacture's stains are slightly different. And every stain looks different on each species of wood! Try staying away from yellow and red tones- wood is warm enough of a tone on its own! You will be surprised to see how gorgeous it can look when you don't try to change the natural tones with a stain (like a grey stained floor is super trendy right now- stay away!)...  Go for a light stain that will highlight the natural tones in the wood.

If you want something unique- mix stain colors to create patterns in your floor (great for entry or kitchen floors). Another way to add some uniqueness is to install in a pattern! Lay it out in a classic herringbone pattern, chevron, or diamond pattern- get creative!!!. Another option is to paint your flooring. Painted wood flooring is making a comeback in modern farmhouses! I've shared all kinds of ideas for you below and some of my favorite wood flooring looks!

I hope they INSPIRE you to update your flooring! Happy Monday!!!


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