Show Stopping Bathtubs!!

Bathtubs that steal the show!!!

Its Fall- time to soak as the nights start to get chilly!!!

Having a place to relax is a MUST. Everyone has busy lives these days and it is so important for us all to find relaxation every once in a while :-)... I LOVE a good soaking tub! Mixed with my favorite bath bomb or pink grapefruit salt scrub from our local #midnightkin shop on Main St.  And what a great time to talk soaking- because just yesterday I was given the ok by my back surgeon to take a bath! or swim! or hot tub!!! For those of you who didn't know I had back surgery 6 weeks ago... and it takes a long time to recover. So hearing this news inspired me to talk baths!

Master bathrooms especially deserve a luxurious tub! The addition of a tub in your en suite will not only increase the resale value of your home, but it can also be a great focal point in the space! 

 There are so many different styles of tubs to chose from. If you like an organic freestanding shape that makes a huge impact on style! Or maybe you prefer a built-in tub with extra space to surround yourself with candles or a glass of wine! 
Tubs also come in a variety of materials- there are so many more options than a heavy white cast iron tub! See some of my favorite bath styles below!!


photography credit for above: @nicolediannephotography

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