What Clients are saying...

Molly is blessed with a gift for choosing amazing colors and designs! She was completely in-charge of a remodel of our downstairs, kitchen, staircase, hall, dining room, living room and family room. This project included the painting of the home exterior and interior, new hardwood floors, granite countertops, all new appliances, moving a fireplace, new built-in cabinets and family room furniture. 
After presenting us with an array of possible options, she assisted us in selecting the designs that we liked the best. She then produced a meticulous schedule/timeline for the completion of the work. Whenever there was a problem or concern, Molly immediately made contact with the contractor and remedied the situation. She accepted complete responsibility for the project and its completion. 
Molly produced a monthly accounting of all of the bills and costs related to the project. When we sought to make changes, she informed us of the potential costs and she advised us with a list of possible options. 
While we were out of the country for a month, Molly supervised the contractors in every phase of the remodel. We have ABSOLUTE trust in Molly! The spectacular results of her work have drawn rave reviews from our friends, neighbors and family. 
Molly was remarkably attentive to our needs throughout the remodeling process. She was patient, kind and understanding as we experienced the "high-speed wobbles" involved in a $120,000 project. She always returned our call and emails, and she would immediately present new options when we had concerns about the any aspect of the project. 
Without her courageous efforts this project would not have been completed nor would the final product be nearly as remarkable. Molly was definitely our leader, counselor and cheerleader throughout the effort. 
My wife and I agree that Molly deserves our HIGHEST and MOST ENTHUSIASTIC recommendation. She is a brilliant designer and project manager. Her designs far exceeded our most ambitious expectations and her performance was truly outstanding! HIRE her!"      -Dennis & Stella

Molly Fitzpatrick is an excellent interior designer… Molly is well organized and thrives under diversity. She keeps a sharp eye on the bottom line, but also realizes customer satisfaction is important. I find her to be driven in equal measure by both quality and efficiency. I highly recommend Molly for her abilities, talents and accomplishments at a very high level of responsibility. I feel confident saying that her abilities are a proven asset to all who have worked with her."
-Sean O’Melia, Senior Project Manager, UCLA DPM

Her design sense is exquisite and the execution outstanding. She has worked with many different types of clients/consultants and handled their challenges quickly and efficiently in a calm and helpful manor, as well as made everyone feel that their needs and worries are of top priority throughout the process. Molly’s commitment to client satisfaction, attention to detail and promptness has made a lasting impression in our department and throughout the campus- she is a great asset to our interiors team here at UCLA Design & Project Management…She has been a constant and consistent positive force in the completion of all projects."
-Janine Tchilingirian, Principal Interior Designer, UCLA DPM

I have worked with many designers over the years, many are school taught but with Molly it is a gifted talent that she has. Her natural people skills and intuitive leadership style has earned Molly respect in this department and throughout the University. Her team building skills are unmatched, and the camaraderie she has helped build during her tenure here exist to this day. I have witnessed even the most cynical department leaders embracing Molly’s approach to design."
-Dave Noda, Associate Director, UCLA DPM

Molly is a true delight and was an outstanding individual both personally and professionally,. as a new resident to the high Sierra town of Georgetown a place I was determined to make my new home, I found I needed that technique and touch that was recommended by Victoria Tagle the real estate agent with Caldwell Bank in Placerville. Whom I purchased my new home from . I hired Molly Erin Designs and by my first meeting with her, I found a individual that was true to her skill, and pictured without hesitation a home and design that, would display the perfect concept on her canvas! Molly from the first plan on paper to the last final piece of work at the completion of the project was 100% totally on hands I even mentioned, that I wanted the home ready for a gathering that was is to happen within the next week!, April 8th and Molly made sure that the clients schedule is never put behind for that memorable occasion and, did have my home presented and, looking charming as the day I first placed my eyes on it back in August. I do still have additional work to be done and, I feel when the time is right I will have Molly back to complete that storybook journey that she loves to write!!! Thanks Molly and Co for all that hard work I wake up to everyday! one of you're Happy Clients , that recommends Molly Erin Designs for what ever Interior Project large or small!"
-Robert Festa Georgetown CA

I have worked with Molly many times and her work is always top notch. She comes in with a design concept and a plan that is both functional and great looking. She always has fresh ideas, is professional and definitely an expert in her field!"
- Alpine Ridge Construction

Molly provides a professional design service, from start to finish. Her passion for design shows in all that she does, and she is so easy to work with. We love working her, she listens to our preferences and incorporates them into a functional and appealing design."
- Chelsea Britton

I installed wall covering for Molly Erin Designs in numerous locations. Her clients and contractors have all been very professional. Molly selects quality products and designs that truly enhance the environment. Her clients have been very pleased with the end results. "
- Savanna Hobbs, PHD Wallpapering

Renovating my great room was an entirely satisfying experience because of the Design/management skills of Molly Erin. From start to finish Molly was hands on and intuitive, I have the room of my imagination. Thank you Molly and I am still planning that other project we discussed.. "
- Jacqueline S.