Week 5 of the #oneroomchallenge of my Master Bath Remodel!

Follow my master bath remodel- Week 5 of the #oneroomchallenge  posted by  Molly Erin Carter  10.31.18

Follow my master bath remodel- Week 5 of the #oneroomchallenge

posted by Molly Erin Carter 10.31.18



WE ARE IN THE LAST WEEK OF  WORK ON THE  #ONEROOMCHALLENGE of my master bathroom remodel #cartermasterbathremodel ...Week 5!!! Can you believe it?? Next week I show you final photos!!! Are you as excited as me?? lol

If that didn't put a lot of pressure on you... it did on me!!!We are finishing up installs today. Tonight is touch-up paint, Tomorrow is cleaning and staging for the photoshoot on Friday!!! ...But let's back up - what did it take this week to get us to this point?

If you have been following me along on Instagram and Facebook stories my master bathroom is finally getting a gut!! And I have 6 weeks start to finish to do this. May I remind you that EVERYTHING has been done in 6 weeks - Including the design and ordering of product. I did not decide to sign up for the One Room Challenge until 2 days before the start date. Some may say I'm crazy, but I like a challenge and goals! This is not typical... Usually the design process can take 4+ weeks, then you get on everyone's schedules (good contractors & trades are booked way out these days). Then you order product to make sure it's here on time, then you start demo. Well because its my bathroom and I'm a little crazy- I worked every  night, every weekend, in between client meetings, etc. to get this done. Don't expect this type of crazy for all my design clients lol. You don't want me in your house at 11pm measuring and planning... I need a little rest :-)

This week has been the most stressful of all. The coordination to make this timeline go this smoothly is insane and takes lots of practice! My twelve plus years as a designer is really paying off :-)

But again, this remodel was a huge TEAM effort. The team I had working on our bathroom is AMAZING. And Ben and I could not be more happy!

Let's review this weeks AMAZING PROGRESS!!!

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