Week 4 of the #OneRoomChallenge - Follow along to see progress of my Master Bathroom Remodel

Week 4 was filled with PROGRESS!!

WE ARE IN WEEK 4 OF #ONEROOMCHALLENGE of my master bathroom remodel #cartermasterbathremodel ...If you have been following me along on Instagram andFacebook stories my bathroom is finally getting some beautiful FINISHES INSTALLED!! Walls are closed, tile is almost complete- SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED THIS WEEK!!! I've been excited every morning to wake up EXTRA EARLY and have people in our house  making progress (well some mornings) haha.

This week has been exciting to see some great progress, but (I'm not going to lie) its also been tough. Tough on me and my husband, Ben. Ben is in the restaurant business and works late, so having to wake up super early everyday or be woken up by the sound of a tile saw is rough. Not to mention we are not sleeping in our own bed- we are down the hall in the guest room. THERE IS NOTHING LIKE YOUR OWN BED...He's a trooper. I see the light at the end of the tunnel- I mean we literally only have less than TWO WEEKS LEFT to show you the final bathroom!!! Thats nuts! When I look at the progress of this week it look like we are so close, but we have a TON LEFT TO DO in this short amount of time! 

Let's review this weeks AMAZING PROGRESS.

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