Trend Alert! Black and White Exteriors

Trend Alert!!!
Black and white exterior paint is HOT!! Not only are these colors in trend, but they are alsoclassic! Black and white is very minimalist but at the same time can really make a statement. There is just something about the contrast of the two colors that balance and compliment each other so well. Not to mention how they can highlight your homes architecture by making the small details really POP and let the landscape stand out

These colors can be incorporated into your exterior in a variety of ways and on all styles of homes! For farmhouses, all white with black trim and shutters is super chic. When designing the exterior of a mid century or ultra modern  home, color blocking is more common by painting  the bold architectural elements to highlight them.  Mediterranean homes are also in the mix by doing a classic white stucco and incorporating the black in the trim and iron work. Don't leave out the cute cottages either, with their crisp painted siding and contrasting trim! 

If you are ready to go super bold with your color choice, try painting your homemonochromatic and sticking with solid black! My favorite it a modern cabin for the woods! Having the trim and siding all one color is a fun modern twist that we are seeing pop up on all different styles of homes! 

Below are some stunning homes that perfectly execute the trend to get you INSPIRED

Be sure to let us know in the comments below what style home you have, and how you would choose to highlight it by incorporating black and white! 


Screenshot 2018-08-27 14.02.26.png